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Psalm 65

To the chief Musician, *A Psalm and Song of David.

Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion:

And unto thee shall athe vow be performed.

O thou that aahearest prayer,

Unto thee bshall all flesh come.

cIniquities prevail against me:

As for our transgressions, thou shalt dpurge them away.

eBlessed is the man whom thou choosest,

And causest to approach unto thee, that fhe may dwell in thy courts:

We shall be gsatisfied with the goodness of thy house,

Even of thy holy temple.

By ggterrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us, O God of our salvation;

Who art the confidence of all hthe ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off upon the sea:

Which by his strength setteth fast the mountains;

Being igirded with power:

Which jstilleth kthe noise of the seas,

kThe noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people.

They also that dwell in the uttermost parts are afraid at thy tokens:

Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening ||to rejoice.

Thou visitest the earth, ||and lwaterest it:

Thou greatly enrichest it

With mthe river of God, which is full of water:

Thou preparest them corn, when thou hast so provided for it.

10  Thou lwaterest the ridges thereof abundantly: ||thou settlest the furrows thereof:

Thou makest it soft with nshowers: thou blessest the springing thereof.

11  Thou crownest the year with thy goodness;

And thy paths odrop fatness.

12  They odrop upon pthe pastures of the wilderness:

And the pplittle hills qrejoice on every side.

13  qqThe pastures are clothed with flocks;

The valleys also are covered over with corn;

They rshout for joy, they also sing.

KJV 1900

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This King James Version is based upon the Pure Cambridge Edition first published around 1900. It has been carefully typeset to remove any typographical errors and accurately reflects the original text.

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