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A Swelling on the Skin

13:9 “When someone has a diseased infection,30 he must be brought to the priest. 13:10 The priest will then examine it,31 and if32 a white swelling is on the skin, it has turned the hair white, and there is raw flesh in the swelling,33 13:11 it is a chronic34 disease on the skin of his body,35 so the priest is to pronounce him unclean.36 The priest37 must not merely quarantine him, for he is unclean.38 13:12 If, however, the disease breaks out39 on the skin so that the disease covers all the skin of the person with the infection40 from his head to his feet, as far as the priest can see,41 13:13 the priest must then examine it,42 and if43 the disease covers his whole body, he is to pronounce the person with the infection clean.44 He has turned all white, so he is clean.45 13:14 But whenever raw flesh appears in it46 he will be unclean, 13:15 so the priest is to examine the raw flesh47 and pronounce him unclean48—it is diseased. 13:16 If, however,49 the raw flesh once again turns white,50 then he must come to the priest. 13:17 The priest will then examine it,51 and if52 the infection has turned white, the priest is to pronounce the person with the infection clean53—he is clean.


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