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Job Regrets His Birth

3:1 After this Job opened his mouth1 and cursed2 the day he was born.3 3:2 Job spoke up4 and said:

3:3 “Let the day on which5 I was born6 perish,

and the night that said,7

‘A man8 has been conceived!’9

3:4 That day10—let it be darkness;11

let not God on high regard12 it,

nor let light shine13 on it!

3:5 Let darkness and the deepest

shadow14 claim it;15

let a cloud settle on it;

let whatever blackens the day16 terrify it!

3:6 That night—let darkness seize17 it;

let it not be included18 among the days of the year;

let it not enter among the number of the months!19

3:7 Indeed,20 let that night be barren;21

let no shout of joy22 penetrate23 it!

3:8 Let those who curse the day24 curse it25

those who are prepared to rouse26 Leviathan.27

3:9 Let its morning stars28 be darkened;

let it wait29 for daylight but find none,30

nor let it see the first rays31 of dawn,

3:10 because it32 did not shut the doors33 of my mother’s womb on me,34

nor did it hide trouble35 from my eyes!


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