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Judgment Against Ammon

49:1 The Lord spoke about the Ammonites.1

“Do you think there are not any people of the nation of Israel remaining?

Do you think there are not any of them remaining to reinherit their land?

Is that why you people who worship the god Milcom2

have taken possession of the territory of Gad and live in his cities?3

49:2 Because you did that,

I, the Lord, affirm that4 a time is coming

when I will make Rabbah, the capital city of Ammon,

hear the sound of the battle cry.

It will become a mound covered with ruins.5

Its villages will be burned to the ground.6

Then Israel will take back its land

from those who took their land from them.

I, the Lord, affirm it!7

49:3 Wail, you people in Heshbon, because Ai in Ammon is destroyed.

Cry out in anguish, you people in the villages surrounding8 Rabbah.

Put on sackcloth and cry out in mourning.

Run about covered with gashes.9

For your god Milcom will go into exile

along with his priests and officials.10

49:4 Why do you brag about your great power?

Your power is ebbing away,11 you rebellious people of Ammon,12

who trust in your riches and say,

‘Who would dare to attack us?’

49:5 I will bring terror on you from every side,”

says the Lord God who rules over all.13

“You will be scattered in every direction.14

No one will gather the fugitives back together.

49:6 Yet in days to come

I will reverse Ammon’s ill fortune.”15

says the Lord.16


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