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Washing Away Impurity

3:16 The Lord says,

“The women39 of Zion are proud.

They walk with their heads high40

and flirt with their eyes.

They skip along41

and the jewelry on their ankles jingles.42

3:17 So43 the sovereign master44 will afflict the foreheads of Zion’s women45 with skin diseases,46

the Lord will make the front of their heads bald.”47

3:18 48 At that time49 the sovereign master will remove their beautiful ankle jewelry,50 neck ornaments, crescent shaped ornaments, 3:19 earrings, bracelets, veils, 3:20 headdresses, ankle ornaments, sashes, sachets,51 amulets, 3:21 rings, nose rings, 3:22 festive dresses, robes, shawls, purses, 3:23 garments, vests, head coverings, and gowns.52

3:24 A putrid stench will replace the smell of spices,53

a rope will replace a belt,

baldness will replace braided locks of hair,

a sackcloth garment will replace a fine robe,

and a prisoner’s brand will replace beauty.

3:25 Your54 men will fall by the sword,

your strong men will die in battle.55

3:26 Her gates will mourn and lament;

deprived of her people, she will sit on the ground.56

4:1 Seven women will grab hold of

one man at that time.1

They will say, “We will provide2 our own food,

we will provide3 our own clothes;

but let us belong to you4

take away our shame!”5


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