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27 The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, Now, thou son of man, atake up a lamentation for Tyrus; And say unto Tyrus, O thou that art situate at bthe entry of the sea, which art ca merchant of the people for many isles, Thus saith the Lord God; O Tyrus, thou hast said, dI am of perfect beauty. Thy borders are in the midst of the seas, thy builders dhave perfected thy beauty. They have made all thy ship boards of efir trees of fSenir: they have taken gcedars from Lebanon to make hmasts for thee. Of ithe oaks of Bashan have they made thine joars; ||the company of lthe Ashurites have made thy benches of ivory, brought out of mthe isles of Chittim. nFine linen with obroidered work pfrom Egypt was qthat which thou spreadest forth to be rthy sail; ||sblue and stpurple from the isles of uElishah was that which covered thee. The inhabitants of Zidon and vArvad were wthy mariners: thy wise men, O Tyrus, that were in thee, were thy xpilots. The ancients of yGebal and the wise men thereof were in thee zthy ||calkers: all the ships of the sea with their amariners were in thee zto boccupy thy merchandise. 10 They of cPersia and of deLud and of cdfPhut were in thine army, gthy men of war: ggthey hanged the shield and helmet in thee; they set forth hthy comeliness. 11 The men of vArvad with thine army were upon thy walls round about, and the Gammadims were in thy towers: ggthey hanged itheir shields upon thy walls round about; jthey have made thy beauty perfect. 12 kTarshish was lthy merchant by reason of the multitude of all kind of riches; with silver, iron, tin, and lead, mthey traded in thy fairs. 13 nopJavan, noqTubal, and nqrMeshech, they were thy merchants: they traded sthe persons of men and vessels of brass in thy ||market. 14 They of the house of tTogarmah mtraded in thy fairs with horses and horsemen and mules. 15 The men of uDedan were thy merchants; many isles were the merchandise of thine hand: they brought thee for va present horns of ivory and ebony. 16 Syria was lthy merchant by reason of the multitude of the wares of thy making: mthey occupied in thy fairs with wemeralds, xpurple, and xbroidered work, and yfine linen, and zcoral, and ||aagate. 17 Judah, and the land of Israel, they were thy merchants: they traded in thy market bwheat of cMinnith, and Pannag, and honey, and oil, and ||dbalm. 18 eDamascus was thy merchant in the multitude of the wares of thy making, for the multitude of all riches; in the wine of Helbon, and fwhite wool. 19 Dan also and Javan ||going to and fro goccupied in thy fairs: bright iron, hcassia, and icalamus, were in thy market. 20 kDedan was thy merchant in precious clothes for chariots. 21 lArabia, and all the princes of mKedar, they occupied with thee in lambs, and rams, and goats: in these were they thy merchants. 22 The merchants of noSheba and nRaamah, they were pthy merchants: pthey occupied in thy fairs with ichief of all spices, and with all precious stones, and gold. 23 qHaran, and Canneh, and qEden, the merchants of oSheba, rAsshur, and Chilmad, were thy merchants. 24 These were thy merchants in ||all sorts of things, in sblue clothes, and sbroidered work, and in chests of rich apparel, bound with cords, and made of cedar, among thy merchandise. 25 tThe ships of uTarshish did sing of thee in thy market: and thou wast replenished, and made very glorious in the vmidst of the seas. 26 wThy rowers have brought thee into great waters: xthe east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas. 27 yThy riches, and zthy fairs, athy merchandise, bthy mariners, and cthy pilots, bthy calkers, and bthe occupiers of thy merchandise, and all dthy men of war, that are in thee, ||and in eall thy company which is in the midst of thee, shall fall into the midst of the seas fin the day of thy ruin. 28 gThe ||suburbs hshall shake at the sound of the cry of cthy pilots. 29 iAnd all that handle kthe oar, bthe mariners, and all cthe pilots of the sea, shall come down from their ships, they shall stand upon the land; 30 iAnd shall cause their voice to be heard against thee, and shall cry bitterly, and shall locast up dust upon their heads, they shall mwallow themselves in the ashes: 31 And they shall nmake themselves utterly bald for thee, and ogird them with sackcloth, and they shall lweep for thee oowith bitterness of heart and bitter wailing. 32 And in their wailing they shall ptake up a lamentation for thee, and pplament over thee, saying, iWhat city is like Tyrus, like the destroyed qin the midst of the sea? 33 rWhen sthy wares went forth out of the seas, thou filledst many people; tthou didst enrich the kings of the earth with the multitude of thy riches and of athy merchandise. 34 In the time uwhen thou shalt be broken by the seas vin the depths of the waters athy merchandise and eall thy company in the midst of thee shall fall. 35 wAll the inhabitants of the isles xyshall be astonished at thee, and ytheir kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance. 36 zThe merchants among the people shall ahiss at thee; bthou shalt be a terror, and never shalt be any more.

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