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The Weakness of Other Gods

32:26 “I said, ‘I want to cut them in pieces.49

I want to make people forget they ever existed.

32:27 But I fear the reaction50 of their enemies,

for51 their adversaries would misunderstand

and say, “Our power is great,52

and the Lord has not done all this!” ’

32:28 They are a nation devoid of wisdom,

and there is no understanding among them.

32:29 I wish that they were wise and could understand this,

and that they could comprehend what will happen to them.”

32:30 How can one man chase a thousand of them,53

and two pursue ten thousand;

unless their Rock had delivered them up,54

and the Lord had handed them over?

32:31 For our enemies’55 rock is not like our Rock,

as even our enemies concede.

32:32 For their vine is from the stock56 of Sodom,

and from the fields of Gomorrah.57

Their grapes contain venom,

their clusters of grapes are bitter.

32:33 Their wine is snakes’ poison,

the deadly venom of cobras.

32:34 “Is this not stored up with me?” says the Lord,58

“Is it not sealed up in my storehouses?

32:35 I will get revenge and pay them back

at the time their foot slips;

for the day of their disaster is near,

and the impending judgment59 is rushing upon them!”

32:36 The Lord will judge his people,

and will change his plans concerning60 his servants;

when he sees that their power has disappeared,

and that no one is left, whether confined or set free.

32:37 He will say, “Where are their gods,

the rock in whom they sought security,

32:38 who ate the best of their sacrifices,

and drank the wine of their drink offerings?

Let them rise and help you;

let them be your refuge!


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