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The Covenant Setting

1:1 This is what1 Moses said to the assembly of Israel2 in the Transjordanian3 wastelands, the arid country opposite4 Suph,5 between6 Paran7 and Tophel,8 Laban,9 Hazeroth,10 and Di Zahab11 1:2 Now it is ordinarily an eleven-day journey12 from Horeb13 to Kadesh Barnea14 by way of Mount Seir.15 1:3 However, it was not until16 the first day of the eleventh month17 of the fortieth year18 that Moses addressed the Israelites just as19 the Lord had instructed him to do. 1:4 This took place after the defeat20 of King Sihon21 of the Amorites, whose capital was22 in Heshbon,23 and King Og of Bashan, whose capital was24 in Ashtaroth,25 specifically in Edrei.26 1:5 So it was in the Transjordan, in Moab, that Moses began to deliver these words:27


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