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Explore the rich narrative of Luke’s gospel with leading New Testament scholar John Nolland. Examining the historical context, literary structure, and relationship to other gospels, Nolland provides a detailed reading of Luke that emphasizes the historicity of the book and its theological meaning.

expresses some kind of holding back, but whether this is in terms of a delay on his part or in terms of his long-suffering nature remains to be decided. Catchpole’s survey (NovT 19 [1977] 93–98) of the texts in which this root is applied to God’s People (Exod 34:6; Num 14:18; Pss 86:15[85:15]; 103[102]:8; Joel 2:13; Wis 15:1; Sir 5:4) demonstrates that the latter is to be preferred in a context determined to any degree by Jewish culture (the most attractive of the suggestions built upon the former
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