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Join Duane Garrett and Paul House as they examine two of the Bible’s most unusual and compelling books. They examine the textual history, historical context, literary structure, and authorship, of each book, providing extensive notes and bibliographic references.

21 Having assured himself that God will definitely do as he has asked and remember him, the speaker moves to the next level of confidence, one that restores assurance. In 3:18 he states that he has lost his hope in Yahweh, while here the act of bringing to mind (אשׁיב אל לבי) God’s covenant remembering (Exod 2:23–25; 3:19–20) and God’s covenant mercies (see 3:22) restores that lost hope. The repetition of forms of אוחיל, “hope,” clearly means a reversal in attitude about the situation. As the chapter
Pages 414–415