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In Ephesians Verse by Verse, Grant R. Osborne offers a clear exposition of this complex book. He serves as a trustworthy guide as he unpacks Ephesians, explaining what it meant in its first-century setting and how it applies to us today. Throughout he focuses on the exalted Christ who is lord of all, and the unity of the church as the new creation in Christ.

There are several reasons its authenticity is doubted. Its language and style are quite different from those of Paul’s other letters, with 125 words not found in any of the others. There are also several unique phrases, like “in the heavenlies,” “spiritual blessing,” “the mystery of his will,” “the father of glory,” and “the desires of the flesh.” The lengthy sentences and impersonal tone (there is little interaction with readers or presentation of the author’s own situation) cause many to conclude
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