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In Ephesians Verse by Verse, Grant R. Osborne offers a clear exposition of this complex book. He serves as a trustworthy guide as he unpacks Ephesians, explaining what it meant in its first-century setting and how it applies to us today. Throughout he focuses on the exalted Christ who is lord of all, and the unity of the church as the new creation in Christ.

it. Divine election involves an eternal choice, worked out originally in his choice of Abraham (Gen 12:1–3, whom God blessed to be a source of blessing to the nations) and of Israel (Deut 14:2, to be God’s “treasured possession”). That choice was based not on Israel’s worthiness or strength or place among the other nations but entirely on God’s love for them. Throughout Ephesians the emphasis is on divine love and not human worth. God’s electing mercy and grace are unmerited and undeserved (Rom 9:11–12;
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