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This monumental reference work contains studies of all the important words of the Old Testament and is particularly written for the busy pastor or church worker who may not possess all the technical tools of Bible scholarship.

(kûn) established, prepared, made ready, fixed, certain, right. (ASV, RSV similar.) Derivatives 964a כֵן (kēn) I, right, true. 964b כֵן (kēn) II, thus, so. 964c מָכוֹן (mākôn) place. 964d מְכוֹנָה (mĕkônâ) base. 964e תְּכוּנָה (tĕkûnâ) fashion. 964f כַוְוָן (kawwān) cake. This root occurs with its derivatives more than 288 times. Two hundred seventeen of these occurrences are verbal, appearing in all stems but the Qal. The Niphal and the Hiphil occur most often. The root meaning
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