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Over the course of three years, Dr. R.C. Sproul gave 128 sermons on the Gospel of Matthew, which are compiled into this collection of memorable messages. Here is a substantial and practical commentary on the first book of the New Testament canon, one that will serve the church well and will be of great use in small-group settings, sermon preparation, or personal Bible study.

upon the face of the deep” (Gen. 1:1–2), and then we are told that the Holy Spirit came and hovered over the waters, and God said, “Let there be light” (v. 3). In the act of creation, the Spirit is moving on the face of the deep, and out of the nothingness of that darkness God, through the power of His Spirit, brings forth the whole of creation. From the biblical perspective, the genesis of life in the first place was through the power of the Spirit of life, of the Spirit of God. Gabriel was declaring
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