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In The Saint and His Savior, Spurgeon has written what amounts to a basic introduction to the experience of God. He writes on the subject of religious experience, dealing in particular with the experience of beginning Christians. Spurgeon offers counsel “to comfort the mourner, to confirm the weak, to guide the wandering, and reassure the doubting.”

PREFACE ——♦—— I HAVE no idea of what I am expected to say in a preface, and am of opinion that a book is better without an appendage usually so unmeaning. I will, however, make one or two faithful declarations which may, perhaps, shield me from the reader’s wrath, should he find my work of less value than he expected. Never was a book written amid more incessant toil. Only the fragments of time could be allotted to it, and intense mental and bodily exertions have often rendered me incapable of turning
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