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In The Saint and His Savior, Spurgeon has written what amounts to a basic introduction to the experience of God. He writes on the subject of religious experience, dealing in particular with the experience of beginning Christians. Spurgeon offers counsel “to comfort the mourner, to confirm the weak, to guide the wandering, and reassure the doubting.”

and goodly heritages; but nevertheless, being ‘born in sin, and shapen in iniquity,” these heavenly privileges did not of themselves avail to give us love to Jesus, and pardon by his blood. We are often compelled to weep over sins aggravated by light as clear as noonday—ordinances undervalued from their very frequency—warnings despised, although accompanied with tears from a parent’s eye—and loathings felt in the heart, if not expressed by the lips, to those very blessings which were the rich benisons
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