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There are no cookie-cutter saints. Jesus calls each person to holiness, yet he calls each of us in a unique way. Where can we find the guidance we need as we walk along our paths to God? Catherine’s legacy gives us a glimpse of the divine dealings with our souls. She is a sure guide along the way of loving service to our neighbors for the sake of Christ.

known and they will be one with me and I will be one with them (see Jn 14:21–23). There are similar words in other places which illustrate that it really is by love that a soul becomes his other self. If I can make this even clearer, I recall being told by a certain servant of God how she had been in prayer, her mind elevated to God, and God revealed to her inner vision the love he has for his servants, saying for one thing: “Open your inner eye and gaze into me. See the dignity and the beauty of
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