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There are no cookie-cutter saints. Jesus calls each person to holiness, yet he calls each of us in a unique way. Where can we find the guidance we need as we walk along our paths to God? Catherine’s legacy gives us a glimpse of the divine dealings with our souls. She is a sure guide along the way of loving service to our neighbors for the sake of Christ.

I beg you, dearest father, to fervently pray that both of us may drown in the humble Lamb’s blood, which will surely make us strong and faithful. We will feel the burning fire of divine love and be co-workers with his grace, and not despoilers or destroyers of it. In this way we witness our fidelity to God, our trust in him, rather than our own sufficiency or our trust in anyone else. It is with this same faith that we will love a creature, for just as love of neighbor comes
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