Psalms by the Day: A New Devotional Translation is unavailable, but you can change that!

Following on from the successful and much acclaimed Isaiah by the Day, Alec Motyer leads us through the Psalms in this new devotional translation. Day by day you will read freshly translated passages from the Psalms and have an opportunity to explore the passage further through the author’s notes and devotional comments.

It is easy, in Psalm 119, to pay so much attention to the lines which contain the key-word which describes Yahweh’s truth—‘word’, ‘teaching’, commandment’, etc.—that we overlook what the parallel line says. Look, for example, at verse 2: line one is hugely important in commending to blessing those who ‘preserve Yahweh’s testimonies’. Of course we dwell on the word ‘testimonies’. What an assertion! God himself has gone into the witness box and has personally born witness to what
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