Psalms by the Day: A New Devotional Translation is unavailable, but you can change that!

Following on from the successful and much acclaimed Isaiah by the Day, Alec Motyer leads us through the Psalms in this new devotional translation. Day by day you will read freshly translated passages from the Psalms and have an opportunity to explore the passage further through the author’s notes and devotional comments.

David, of course, was ‘the sweet singer of Israel’ (2 Samuel 23:1), but he was not the only singer! No, not by a long chalk! Singers hardly come any ‘sweeter’ than the poet who wrote Psalm 107, do they? This gracious author, so full of confidence in Yahweh, and obviously intent to bring us to a similar confidence! He has confidence in the greatness of Yahweh’s love. His first thought is to respond gratefully to such committed, unchanging love (1) but by the end of the psalm it has
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