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Israel’s Sin and Captivity

10 Israel aempties his vine;

He brings forth fruit for himself.

According to the multitude of his fruit

bHe has increased the altars;

According to the bounty of his land

They have embellished his sacred pillars.

2 Their heart is cdivided; 1

Now they are held guilty.

He will break down their altars;

He will ruin their sacred pillars.

3 For now they say,

“We have no king,

Because we did not fear the Lord.

And as for a king, what would he do for us?”

4 They have spoken words,

Swearing falsely in making a covenant.

Thus judgment springs up dlike hemlock in the furrows of the field.

5 The inhabitants of Samaria fear

Because of the ecalf 2of Beth Aven.

For its people mourn for it,

And 3its priests shriek for it—

Because its fglory has departed from it.

6 The idol also shall be carried to Assyria

As a present for King gJareb.

Ephraim shall receive shame,

And Israel shall be ashamed of his own counsel.

7 As for Samaria, her king is cut off

Like a twig on the water.

8 Also the hhigh places of 4Aven, ithe sin of Israel,

Shall be destroyed.

The thorn and thistle shall grow on their altars;

jThey shall say to the mountains, “Cover us!”

And to the hills, “Fall on us!”

9 “O Israel, you have sinned from the days of kGibeah;

There they stood.

The lbattle in Gibeah against the children of 5iniquity

Did not 6overtake them.

10 When it is My desire, I will chasten them.

mPeoples shall be gathered against them

When I bind them 7for their two transgressions.

11 Ephraim is na trained heifer

That loves to thresh grain;

But I harnessed her fair neck,

I will make Ephraim 8pull a plow.

Judah shall plow;

Jacob shall break his clods.”

12 Sow for yourselves righteousness;

Reap in mercy;

oBreak up your fallow ground,

For it is time to seek the Lord,

Till He pcomes and rains righteousness on you.

13 qYou have plowed wickedness;

You have reaped iniquity.

You have eaten the fruit of lies,

Because you trusted in your own way,

In the multitude of your mighty men.

14 Therefore tumult shall arise among your people,

And all your fortresses shall be plundered

As Shalman plundered Beth Arbel in the day of battle—

A mother dashed in pieces upon her children.

15 Thus it shall be done to you, O Bethel,

Because of your great wickedness.

At dawn the king of Israel

Shall be cut off utterly.


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