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13 “Now my eyes have seen all this;

my ears have heard and understood it.

What you know, I also know.

You are not better than I am.

But I want to speak to the Almighty

and to argue my case with God.

But you smear me with lies.

You are worthless doctors, all of you!

I wish you would just stop talking;

then you would really be wise!

Listen to my argument,

and hear the pleading of my lips.

You should not speak evil in the name of God;

you cannot speak God’s truth by telling lies.

You should not unfairly choose his side against mine;

you should not argue the case for God.

You will not do well if he examines you;

you cannot fool God as you might fool humans.

10  God would surely scold you

if you unfairly took one person’s side.

11  His bright glory would scare you,

and you would be very much afraid of him.

12  Your wise sayings are worth no more than ashes,

and your arguments are as weak as clay.

13  “Be quiet and let me speak.

Let things happen to me as they will.

1 Why should I put myself in danger

and take my life in my own hands?

15  Even if God kills me, I have hope in him;

I will still defend my ways to his face.

16  This is my salvation.

The wicked cannot come before him.

17  Listen carefully to my words;

let your ears hear what I say.

18  See, I have prepared my case,

and I know I will be proved right.

19  No one can accuse me of doing wrong.

If someone can, I will be quiet and die.

20  “God, please just give me these two things,

and then I will not hide from you:

21  Take your punishment away from me,

and stop frightening me with your terrors.

22  Then call me, and I will answer,

or let me speak, and you answer.

23  How many evil things and sins have I done?

Show me my wrong and my sin.

24  Don’t hide your face from me;

don’t think of me as your enemy.

25  Don’t punish a leaf that is blown by the wind;

don’t chase after straw.

26  You write down cruel things against me

and make me suffer for my boyhood sins.

27  You put my feet in chains

and keep close watch wherever I go.

You even mark the soles of my feet.

28  “Everyone wears out like something rotten,

like clothing eaten by moths.


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