Chapter 15

Contrast the Upright and the Wicked

1 A agentle answer turns away wrath,

But a 1bharsh word stirs up anger.

2 The atongue of the wise makes knowledge 1acceptable,

But the bmouth of fools spouts folly.

3 The aeyes of the Lord are in every place,

Watching the evil and the good.

4 A 1soothing tongue is a tree of life,

But perversion in it 2crushes the spirit.

5 A fool 1rejects his father’s discipline,

But he who regards reproof is sensible.

6 Great wealth is in the house of the arighteous,

But trouble is in the income of the wicked.

7 The lips of the wise spread knowledge,

But the hearts of fools are not so.

8 The asacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord,

But bthe prayer of the upright is His delight.

9 The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord,

But He loves one who apursues righteousness.

10 Grievous punishment is for him who forsakes the way;

He who hates reproof will die.

11 1aSheol and 2Abaddon lie open before the Lord,

How much more the bhearts of 3men!

12 A ascoffer does not love one who reproves him,

He will not go to the wise.

13 A ajoyful heart makes a 1cheerful face,

But 2when the heart is bsad, the cspirit is broken.

14 The amind of the intelligent seeks knowledge,

But the mouth of fools feeds on folly.

15 All the days of the afflicted are bad,

But a 1cheerful heart has a continual feast.

16 aBetter is a little with the 1fear of the Lord

Than great treasure and turmoil with it.

17 aBetter is a 1dish of 2vegetables where love is

Than a bfattened ox served with hatred.

18 A ahot-tempered man stirs up strife,

But the bslow to anger ccalms a dispute.

19 The way of the lazy is as a hedge of thorns,

But the path of the upright is a highway.

20 A awise son makes a father glad,

But a foolish man bdespises his mother.

21 Folly is joy to him who lacks 1sense,

But a man of understanding awalks straight.

22 Without consultation, plans are frustrated,

But with many counselors they 1succeed.

23 A aman has joy in an 1apt answer,

And how delightful is a timely bword!

24 The apath of life leads upward for the wise

That he may keep away from 1Sheol below.

25 The Lord will atear down the house of the proud,

But He will bestablish the boundary of the cwidow.

26 Evil plans are an abomination to the Lord,

But pleasant words are pure.

27 He who aprofits illicitly troubles his own house,

But he who bhates bribes will live.

28 The heart of the righteous aponders how to answer,

But the bmouth of the wicked pours out evil things.

29 The Lord is afar from the wicked,

But He bhears the prayer of the righteous.

30 1Bright eyes gladden the heart;

Good news puts fat on the bones.

31 He whose ear listens to the life-giving reproof

Will dwell among the wise.

32 He who aneglects discipline bdespises himself,

But he who clistens to reproof acquires 1understanding.

33 The 1fear of the Lord is the instruction for wisdom,

And before honor comes humility.


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