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Thanksgiving for God’s Deliverance

116 I love him, because Yahweh has heard

the voice of my supplications.a

Because he has inclined his ear to me,

I will call all my days.b

The ropes of death encircled me,

and the distresses of Sheol found me.

I found trouble and grief.

Then I called on the name of Yahweh:

“O Yahweh, please save my life!”

Gracious is Yahweh and righteous,

and our God is merciful.

Yahweh watches over the simple.

I was brought low, but he gave me victory.

Return, O my soul, to your repose,

for Yahweh has dealt bountifully with you.

For you have rescued mec from death,

my eyesd from tears, my feet from stumbling.

I will walk before Yahweh

in the lande of the living.

10 I believed when I spoke,

“I am afflicted greatly.”

11 I said in my haste,

Everyonef is a liar.”

12 What shall I give back to Yahweh

for all his benefits to me?

13 I will lift up the cup of salvation

and proclaim the name of Yahweh.

14 I will pay my vows made to Yahweh

in the presence of all his people.

15 Costly in Yahweh’s viewg is

the death of his faithful ones.

16 Ah, Yahweh, I am indeed your servant;

I am your servant, the child of your maidservant.

You have loosed my bonds.

17 I will offer to you a sacrifice of thanksgiving,

and proclaim the name of Yahweh.

18 I will pay my vows made to Yahweh

in the presence of all his people,

19 in the courts of the househ of Yahweh,

in the midst of you, O Jerusalem.

Praise Yah!i


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