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The Restorer of Israel

43 But now thus says Yahweh,

he who created you, Jacob,

and he who formed you, Israel:

“You must not fear, for I have redeemed you.

I have called you by your name; you are mine.a

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you,

and through the rivers, they shall not flow over you.

When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned,

and the flame shall not scorchb you.

For I am Yahweh, your God,

the holy one of Israel, your savior.

I give you Egypt as ransom,

Cush and Seba in place of you.

Because you are precious in my eyes,

you are honored, and I myself love you,

and I give people in place of you,

and nations in place of your life.

You must not fear,

for I am with you.

I will bring your offspringc from the east,

and I will gather you from the west.

I will say to the north, ‘Give!’

and to the south, ‘You must not withhold!’

Bring my sons from far away,

and my daughters from the end of the earth—

everyone who is called by my name,

and whom I created for my glory,

whom I formed,

indeed whom I made.”

Bring out the people blind yetd with eyes,

and deaf, thoughe they have ears.

Let all the nations gather together,

and let the peoples assemble.

Who among them has declared this,

and declaredf the former things to us?

Let them bringg their witnesses, thath they may be in the right,

and let them hear and say, “It is true!”

10 “You are my witnesses,” declaresi Yahweh,

“and my servant whom I have chosen

so that you may know and believe inj me

and understand that I am he.

No god was formed before mek,

and none shall be after me.

11 I myself am Yahweh,

and there is no savior besides me!

12 I myself declared and saved,

and I proclaimed.l And there was no strange godm among you.

And you are my witnesses,” declaresn Yahweh,

“and I am God.

13 Indeed, from this day I am the one,

and no one can deliver from my hand.

I perform,o and who can cancel it?”p

Yahweh Rescues His People

14 Thus says Yahweh, your redeemer,

the holy one of Israel:

“For your sake I will send to Babylon,

and I will cause all of them to fall down as fugitives,

and the Chaldeans,q their rejoicing on the ships.

15 I am Yahweh, your holy one,

the creator of Israel, your king.”

16 Thus says Yahweh, who makesr a way in the sea

and a path in the mighty waters,

17 who brings out chariot and horse,

army and mighty one.

Together they lie down;

they cannot rise.

They are extinguished,

quenched like a wick.

18 “You must not remember the former things,

and you must not consider the former things.

19 Look! I am about to do a new thing! Now it sprouts!

Do you not perceives it?

Indeed, I will maket a way in the wilderness,

rivers in the desert.

20 The animals of the field will honor me,

jackals and daughters of the ostrich,

for I give water in the wilderness,

rivers in the desert,

to give a drink to my chosen people,

21 this people whom I formed for myself,

so they might make knownu my praise.

22 Butv you did not call me, Jacob;

for you have become weary of me, Israel.

23 You have not brought me your sheep for a burnt offering

norw honored me with your sacrifice.

I have not made you serve with offerings,x

nor have I made you weary with frankincense.

24 You have not bought me spice reed with money

ory satisfied me with the fat of sacrifices.

But you have burdened me with your sins;

you have made me weary with your iniquities.

25 I, I am the one who blots out your transgressions for my sake,

and I will not remember your sins.

26 Take me to court; let us enter into judgment together.

You, make an accountz so that you may be in the right.

27 Your first ancestora sinned,

and your representativesb transgressed against me.

28 And I profaned the princes of the sanctuary,

and I gave Jacob to destruction, and Israel to reviling.


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