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Psalm 148

Praise ye the Lord.

Praise ye the Lord afrom the heavens:

Praise him aain the heights.

Praise ye him, all bhis angels:

Praise ye him, ball his hosts.

Praise ye him, sun and moon:

Praise him, all ye stars of light.

Praise him, bbye heavens of heavens,

And cye waters that be above the heavens.

rLet them praise the name of the Lord:

For dhe commanded, and they were created.

eHe hath also stablished them for ever and ever:

He hath made a decree fwhich shall not pass.

Praise the Lord gfrom the earth,

Ye hdragons, and all deeps:

iFire, and ihail; snow, and vapour;

kStormy wind lfulfilling his word:

mMountains, and all hills;

nFruitful mtrees, and all cedars:

10  oBeasts, and all ocattle;

oCreeping things, and flying fowl:

11  Kings of the earth, and all people;

Princes, and all pjudges of the earth:

12  Both young men, and maidens;

Old men, and qchildren:

13  rLet them praise the name of the Lord:

For shis name alone is excellent;

tHis glory is above the earth and heaven.

14  He also uexalteth the horn of his people,

wThe praise of all his xsaints;

Even of the children of Israel, ya people near unto him.

zPraise ye the Lord.

KJV 1900

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This King James Version is based upon the Pure Cambridge Edition first published around 1900. It has been carefully typeset to remove any typographical errors and accurately reflects the original text.

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