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Jesus as God stands as one of the significant exegetical-theological contributions of the century. With linguistic and exegetical skill befitting his ranking as a leading international scholar, Murray J. Harris discusses the New Testament use of the Greek term theos (“God”) as a Christological title.

of harshness, superiority, and impersonality that sometimes attach to the use of the idiom in Classical Greek are lacking in the almost sixty NT examples.26 One finds ὁ θεός μου rather than θεέ μου (cf. Matt. 27:46)27 because the expression is parallel to and therefore influenced by ὁ κύριός μου.28 The article is used with θεός not merely because a vocatival nominative is commonly articular in Hellenistic Greek but in particular because when a possessive pronoun follows a vocatival nominative,
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