Jeremiah 1: A Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 1–25 is unavailable, but you can change that!

This commentary spotlights chapters 1–24 of Jeremiah. The author’s English rendering translates identical words and phrases consistently, and compares the parallel passages which are a prominent feature of Jeremiah. An added benefit to owning the electronic version of this resource is that the print version consists of 682 pages!

thwarts the purpose of the potter: for the pressure of the clay against the hand of the potter due to centrifugal force, see the comment above under vv 1–11*. The verb שׁוב “(re)turn,” followed in the verbal expression by a parallel verb, frequently means “again”; here “return and make” means “remake.”17 The verb עשׂה “make” in this instance takes two accusatives, thus “make (something into something).” The verb ישׁר with בְּעֵינֵי “in the eyes of” means “it pleased (the potter).” The potter is not
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