Jeremiah 1: A Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 1–25 is unavailable, but you can change that!

This commentary spotlights chapters 1–24 of Jeremiah. The author’s English rendering translates identical words and phrases consistently, and compares the parallel passages which are a prominent feature of Jeremiah. An added benefit to owning the electronic version of this resource is that the print version consists of 682 pages!

both sea and land, and the distance rendered it very expensive.10 It was an immense effort, this importation of frankincense; and why?—Yahweh wants to know. As to the companion phrase “sweet cane,” this commodity was also used in the cult, in the holy anointing oil (Exod 30:23*), and was evidently imported from India.11 The use of “afar” (מֶרְחָק) here is in contrast to the use in 5:15*: there Yahweh uses an exotic nation to punish his own people, while here his people use exotic goods in an
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