The Holman Christian Standard Bible
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40 The Lord answered Job:

Will the one who contends with the * Almighty correct Him?

Let him who argues with God give an answer. q

Then Job answered the Lord:

I am so insignificant. How can I answer You? r

I place my hand over my mouth.

I have spoken once, and I will not reply;

twice, but now I can add nothing. s

Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind: t

Get ready to answer Me like a man;

When I question u you, you will inform Me.

Would you really challenge My justice?

Would you declare Me * guilty v to justify yourself? w

Do you have an arm like God’s?

Can you thunder with a voice like His?

10 Adorn yourself with majesty x and splendor,

and clothe yourself with honor and glory.

11 Unleash your raging anger; y

look on every proud person and humiliate him. z

12 Look on every proud person and humble him; a

trample the wicked where they stand. b

13 Hide them together in the dust;

imprison them in the grave. c

14 Then I will confess to you

that your own right hand d can deliver you. e

15 Look at Behemoth,

which I made along with you.

He eats grass like an ox.

16 Look at the strength of his loins

and the power in the muscles of his belly.

17 He stiffens his tail like a cedar tree;

the tendons of his thighs are woven firmly together.

18 His bones are bronze tubes;

his limbs are like iron rods.

19 He is the foremost of God’s works; f

only his Maker can draw the sword against him.

20 The hills yield food for him,

while all sorts of wild animals play there.

21 He lies under the lotus plants,

hiding in the protection g of marshy reeds.

22 Lotus plants cover him with their shade;

the willows by the brook surround him.

23 Though the river rages, Behemoth is unafraid;

he remains confident, even if the Jordan surges up to his mouth.

24 Can anyone capture him while he looks on, h

or pierce his nose with snares?


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