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Release of Landed Property

25:13 “ ‘In this year of jubilee you must each return19 to your property. 25:14 If you make a sale20 to your fellow citizen21 or buy22 from your fellow citizen, no one is to wrong his brother.23 25:15 You may buy it from your fellow citizen according to the number of years since24 the last jubilee; he may sell it to you according to the years of produce that are left.25 25:16 The more years there are,26 the more you may make its purchase price, and the fewer years there are,27 the less you must make its purchase price, because he is only selling to you a number of years of28 produce. 25:17 No one is to oppress his fellow citizen,29 but you must fear your God, because I am the Lord your God. 25:18 You must obey my statutes and my regulations; you must be sure to keep them30 so that you may live securely in the land.31

25:19 “ ‘The land will give its fruit and you may eat until you are satisfied,32 and you may live securely in the land. 25:20 If you say, ‘What will we eat in the seventh year if we do not sow and gather our produce?’ 25:21 I will command my blessing for you in the sixth year so that it may yield33 the produce34 for three years, 25:22 and you may sow the eighth year and eat from that sixth year’s produce35—old produce. Until you bring in the ninth year’s produce,36 you may eat old produce. 25:23 The land must not be sold without reclaim37 because the land belongs to me, for you are foreigners and residents with me.38 25:24 In all your landed property39 you must provide for the right of redemption of the land.40

25:25 “ ‘If your brother becomes impoverished and sells some of his property, his near redeemer is to come to you and redeem what his brother sold.41 25:26 If a man has no redeemer, but he prospers42 and gains enough for its redemption,43 25:27 he is to calculate the value of the years it was sold,44 refund the balance45 to the man to whom he had sold it, and return to his property. 25:28 If he has not prospered enough to refund46 a balance to him, then what he sold47 will belong to48 the one who bought it until the jubilee year, but it must revert49 in the jubilee and the original owner50 may return to his property.


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