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Simeon’s Tribal Lands

19:1 The second lot belonged to the tribe of Simeon by its clans.1 19:2 Their assigned land included2 Beer Sheba,3 Moladah, 19:3 Hazar Shual, Balah, Ezem, 19:4 Eltolad, Bethul, Hormah, 19:5 Ziklag, Beth Marcaboth, Hazar Susah, 19:6 Beth Lebaoth, and Sharuhen—a total of thirteen cities and their towns, 19:7 Ain, Rimmon, Ether, and Ashan—a total of four cities and their towns, 19:8 as well as all the towns around these cities as far as Baalath Beer (Ramah of the Negev). This was the land assigned to the tribe of Simeon by its clans.4 19:Simeon’s assigned land was taken from Judah’s allotted portion, for Judah’s territory was too large for them; so Simeon was assigned land within Judah.5


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