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Naphtali’s Tribal Lands

19:32 The sixth lot belonged to the tribe of Naphtali23 by its clans. 19:33 Their border started at Heleph and the oak of Zaanannim, went to Adami Nekeb, Jabneel and on to Lakkum,24 and ended at the Jordan River.25 19:34 It turned westward to Aznoth Tabor, extended from there to Hukok, touched Zebulun on the south, Asher on the west, and the Jordan26 on the east. 19:35 The fortified cities included Ziddim, Zer, Hammath, Rakkath, Kinnereth, 19:36 Adamah, Ramah, Hazor,27 19:37 Kedesh, Edrei, En Hazor, 19:38 Yiron,28 Migdal El, Horem, Beth Anath, and Beth Shemesh. In all they had29 nineteen cities and their towns. 19:39 This was the land assigned to the tribe of Naphtali30 by its clans, including the cities and their towns.


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