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The Table for the Bread of the Presence

25:23 39 “You are to make a table of acacia wood; its length is to be three feet, its width one foot six inches, and its height two feet three inches. 25:24 You are to overlay it with40 pure gold, and you are to make a surrounding border of gold for it. 25:25 You are to make a surrounding frame41 for it about three inches broad, and you are to make a surrounding border of gold for its frame. 25:26 You are to make four rings of gold for it and attach42 the rings at the four corners where its four legs are.43 25:27 The rings are to be close to the frame to provide places44 for the poles to carry the table. 25:28 You are to make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold, so that the table may be carried with them.45 25:29 You are to make its plates,46 its ladles,47 its pitchers, and its bowls, to be used in pouring out offerings;48 you are to make them of pure gold. 25:30 You are to set the Bread of the Presence49 on the table before me continually.


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