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Moses’ Plea on Behalf of the Lord’s Reputation

9:25 I lay flat on the ground before the Lord for forty days and nights,34 for he35 had said he would destroy you. 9:26 I prayed to him:36 O, Lord God,37 do not destroy your people, your valued property38 that you have powerfully redeemed,39 whom you brought out of Egypt by your strength.40 9:27 Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; ignore the stubbornness, wickedness, and sin of these people. 9:28 Otherwise the people of the land41 from which you brought us will say, “The Lord was unable to bring them to the land he promised them, and because of his hatred for them he has brought them out to kill them in the desert.”42 9:29 They are your people, your valued property,43 whom you brought out with great strength and power.44


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