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Jehoash’s Reign over Israel

13:10 In the thirty-seventh year of King Joash’s reign over Judah, Jehoahaz’s son Jehoash became king over Israel. He reigned in Samaria24 for sixteen years. 13:11 He did evil in the sight of25 the Lord. He did not repudiate26 the sinful ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat who encouraged Israel to sin; he continued in those sins.27 13:12 The rest of the events of Joash’s28 reign, including all his accomplishments and his successful war with King Amaziah of Judah, are recorded in the scroll called the Annals of the Kings of Israel.29 13:13 Joash passed away30 and Jeroboam succeeded him on the throne.31 Joash was buried in Samaria with the kings of Israel.


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