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David Praises God

17:16 David went in, sat before the Lord, and said: “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my family,25 that you should have brought me to this point? 17:17 And you did not stop there, O God! You have also spoken about the future of your servant’s family.26 You have revealed to me what men long to know,27 O Lord God. 17:18 What more can David say28 to you? You have honored your servant; you have given your servant special recognition.29 17:19 O Lord, for the sake of your servant and according to your will,30 you have done this great thing in order to reveal your greatness.31 17:20 O Lord, there is none like you; there is no God besides you! What we heard is true!32 17:21 And who is like your people, Israel, a unique nation33 in the earth? Their God34 went to claim35 a nation for himself! You made a name for yourself by doing great and awesome deeds36 when you drove out37 nations before your people whom you had delivered from the Egyptian empire and its gods.38 17:22 You made Israel your very own nation for all time.39 You, O Lord, became their God. 17:23 So now, O Lord, may the promise you made about your servant and his family become a permanent reality!40 Do as you promised,41 17:24 so42 it may become a reality43 and you may gain lasting fame,44 as people say,45 ‘The Lord who commands armies is the God of Israel.’46 David’s dynasty47 will be established before you, 17:25 for you, my God, have revealed to your servant that you will build a dynasty48 for him. That is why your servant has had the courage to pray to you.49 17:26 Now, O Lord, you are the true God;50 you have made this good promise to your servant.51 17:27 Now you are willing to bless your servant’s dynasty52 so that it may stand permanently before you, for you, O Lord, have blessed it and it will be blessed from now on into the future.”53


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