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J.I. Packer outlines the differences between faith and belief to help you grow in Christ. While "belief" suggests bare opinion, "faith," whether in a car, a patent medicine, a protégé, a doctor, or a marriage partner, is a matter of treating the person or thing as trustworthy and committing yourself accordingly. The same is true of faith in God, and in a more far-reaching way.

and thinking; for anything like a full treatment of each topic, readers must go on to the questions and the Bible study. Many Christians today are uncomfortable with the word “catechism,” but they need not be. Catechism simply comes from a Greek word meaning “make to hear” and so “instruct.” From this word comes the English words of catechism (the form of instruction), catechumen (the person under instruction), catechumenate (the organized set-up for giving instruction), and catechize (a verb which
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