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Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon of the Old Testament is Samuel Tregelles’ translation of Gesenius' Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum in Veteris Testamenti Libros. It is the predecessor of the Brown-Driver-Briggs lexicon.

kindness, specially—(a) of men amongst themselves, benignity, benevolence, as shown in mutual benefits; mercy, pity, when referring to those in misfortune, Gen. 21:23; 2 Sam. 10:2 (LXX. often ἔλεος); Job 6:14. The expression often occurs, עָשָׂה חֶסֶד עִם to act kindly towards, Gen. loc. cit.; 2 Sa. 3:8; 9:1, 7; also followed by אֵת Zec. 7:9; עַל 1 Sa. 20:8; more fully, חֶסֶד וֶאֱמֶת עִם, עָשָׂה Gen. 24:49; 47:29; Josh. 2:14; 2 Sa. 9:3, אֶעֱשֶׂה עִמּוֹחֶסֶד אֱלֹהִים “I will act kindly towards him
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