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Faithlife Study Bible

John D. Barry

General Editor

Douglas Mangum, Derek R. Brown, and Michael S. Heiser

Academic Editors

Miles Custis, Elliot Ritzema, and Matthew M. Whitehead

Contributing Editors

Michael R. Grigoni and David Bomar

Managing Editors

Rebecca Brant, Claire Brubaker, Jacob Cerone, Lynnea Fraser, Rachel Klippenstein, Spencer Jones, Drew McGinnis, Matthew Nerdahl, Britt Rogers, Abigail Salinger, Abigail Stocker, Jessi Strong, Shari Vanden Berg, and Elizabeth Vince

Assistant Editors

Amy Balogh, Abner Chou, Johnny Cisneros, Seth Ehorn, Israel Loken, Brian Maiers, Judith Odor, David B. Schreiner, David Seal, Chris Seeman, E. Tod Twist, Lazarus Wentz, and Wendy Widder

Major Contributors

Faithlife Study Bible

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All rights reserved. You may use brief quotations from this study Bible in presentations, articles, and books. For all other uses, please write Lexham Press for permission. E-mail us at permissions@lexhampress.com.

Scripture quotations in notes and articles are contributors’ own translations or are from the Lexham English Bible (LEB), copyright 2013 by Lexham Press. Lexham is a registered trademark of Faithlife Corporation.

Production Team: Brannon Ellis and Justin Marr

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Infographic Design: KarBel Multimedia

Large Map Editors: Barry Beitzel, Sean Boisen, and Elizabeth Licata

Small Map Design: Andrew Berkemeyer, Liz Donovan, Anna Fejes, Jim LePage, Peter Park, and Brittany VanErem

Timeline Design and People Diagrams: Shiloh Hubbard and Corbin Watkins

People Diagram Editor: Elizabeth Licata


About Faithlife Study Bible

Faithlife Study Bible (FSB) is your guide to the ancient world of the Old and New Testaments, with study notes and articles that draw from a wide range of academic research. FSB helps you learn how to think about interpretation methods and issues so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the text.


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