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Volume 1, Chapter 1: God’s Ultimate Purpose In the first volume of the collection, Lloyd-Jones begins his panoramic description of the wondrous and glorious work of God in Jesus Christ. Topics discussed include: the concepts of adoption, redemption, grace, peace and glory; what it means to be sealed with the Spirit, the final consummation, and many others.

The Apostle describes the Christian in three main terms. The first term is ‘saints.’ ‘Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints …’—the saints at Ephesus, the saints at Laodicea, the saints in every other local church whether small or large. The first thing to say of the Christian is that he is a saint. I fear that may sound rather strange to some of us. We tend to say, ‘Well, I am a Christian, but I am far from being a saint.’ We are afraid of making such a claim; somehow
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