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Authors Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kamell use the historical, theological and literary elements of James to guide their interpretation of this often-overlooked early Christian text. Their concise discussion of how the book delivers consistent, challenging instruction will help pastors and church leaders teach the message of James to today’s readers.

Ropes describes as having their “soul divided between faith and the world.”56 This echoes Jesus’ statements in Mt 6:24 (par. Lk 16:13) that no one can serve two masters. The theme is picked up just prior to James’s second use of “double-minded” in 4:8 when he rephrases this theme of Jesus in 4:4, thus even more clearly supporting the link to Jesus’ teaching. To be thus divided in one’s soul renders one useless for the kingdom. This statement has its background in the OT theology of loving God with
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