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Volume 1 contains two sermons on Matthew 3:10, expanding upon the metaphor and applying it to both infant baptism and church membership. Volume 2 contains the second part of Benjamin Keach’s work on Matthew 3:10. The text offers further exposition of the metaphor, a reply to a treatise on paedobaptism, and Keach’s reflections on the work of Joshua Exell.

Abraham, and so make good his Promise to him, who said, In thy seed, shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. And now farther to convince them, and so to take away, for ever, all their Hope and Pretences of Right to Gospel-Ordinances, and Church-Membership, by vertue of the Covenant made with Abraham; or, from the Consideration of their being his natural or fleshly Seed, he in the words I first read to you, says, And now also the Ax is laid to the Root of the Trees, therefore every Tree which
Volume 1, Page 4