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Volume 1 contains two sermons on Matthew 3:10, expanding upon the metaphor and applying it to both infant baptism and church membership. Volume 2 contains the second part of Benjamin Keach’s work on Matthew 3:10. The text offers further exposition of the metaphor, a reply to a treatise on paedobaptism, and Keach’s reflections on the work of Joshua Exell.

begotten of him, having nothing in them, like unto their Father, but Flesh and Blood, Sin and Death; therefore these are also Damned: this glorious boasting then, we are the Seed of Abraham, is to no purpose. Thus far Luther, on Gal. 3. p. 115. Thus Mr. Perkins speaks also: ‘The Seed of Abraham (saith he) is the Seed, not of the Flesh but of the Promise; and this Seed is first Christ, and then all that believe in Christ; for these are given to Abraham by Promise and Election of God: moreover, the
Volume 1, Page 18