A Discourse of the Covenants that God Made with Men before the Law is unavailable, but you can change that!

This volume presents an exposition on each of the covenants God made with man before the law, with particular attention to the covenant of circumcision. The text also discusses the argument for paedobaptism.

Benefits he offers to us, and the Terms on which they are offered, in his Covenant; and diligently to perform what we are by him commanded, and directed to, for the Ends proposed therein. But yet, 6. This Restipulation (and consequently, the way, and manner of obtaining, as also the right in which we claim Covenant-Blessings) must of necessity vary, according to the different Nature and Terms of those Covenants that God at any time makes with Men: if the Covenant be of Works, the Restipulation must
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