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Noted New Testament scholar Frank Thielman offers a substantive yet accessible commentary on Ephesians. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, this beautifully written commentary leads readers through all aspects of the book of Ephesians—sociological, historical, and theological—to help them better understand its meaning and relevance.

will later speak of the present time in the singular as “the evil day” (6:13), the plural “days” is probably thoughtfully chosen here, and it fits well with the use of καιρός (kairos), which here means “a moment or period as especially appropriate” (BDAG 497). The business of buying time out of its slavery to evil takes place day by day, moment by moment, in the practical decisions of everyday life. 5:17 Because the days are evil, Paul says, his readers should not be foolish but understand the Lord’s
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