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The Augsburg Confession, Translated from the Latin, by Theodore G. Tappert. The Late Theodore G. Tappert, a distinguished church historian and author, was Schieren Professor of the History of Christianity at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He was also archivist of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod and a consultant to the Lutheran Church in American's Board of Publication.

made vows before attaining a proper age, and as a rule vows used to be so made in former times. XXIV. THE MASS 1 Our churches are falsely accused of abolishing the Mass. Actually, the Mass is retained among us and is celebrated with the greatest reverence. 2 Almost all the customary ceremonies are also retained, except that German hymns are interspersed here and there among the parts sung in Latin. These are added for the instruction of the people,3 3 for ceremonies are needed especially in order
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