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The Augsburg Confession, Translated from the Latin, by Theodore G. Tappert. The Late Theodore G. Tappert, a distinguished church historian and author, was Schieren Professor of the History of Christianity at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He was also archivist of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod and a consultant to the Lutheran Church in American's Board of Publication.

expect no good from him. 26 Augustine, too, admonishes his readers in this way concerning the word “faith” when he teaches that in the Scriptures the word “faith” is to be understood not as knowledge, such as is in the ungodly, but as confidence which consoles and lifts up terrified hearts. 27 Our teachers teach in addition that it is necessary to do good works, not that we should trust to merit grace by them but because it is the will of God. 28 It is only by faith that forgiveness of sins and
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