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The Augsburg Confession, Translated from the Latin, by Theodore G. Tappert. The Late Theodore G. Tappert, a distinguished church historian and author, was Schieren Professor of the History of Christianity at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He was also archivist of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod and a consultant to the Lutheran Church in American's Board of Publication.

was born of the virgin Mary, truly suffered, was crucified, dead, and buried, 3 that he might reconcile the Father to us and be a sacrifice not only for original guilt but also for all actual sins of men. 4 He also descended into hell, and on the third day truly rose again. Afterward he ascended into heaven to sit on the right hand of the Father, forever reign and have dominion over all creatures, and sanctify those who believe in him by sending the Holy Spirit into their hearts 5 to rule, comfort,
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