Sirach 51:1–11

Prayer of Jesus Son of Sirachm

51 I give you thanks, O Lord and King,

and praise you, O God my Savior.

I give thanks to your name,

2 for you have been my protector and helper

and have delivered me from destruction

and from the trap laid by a slanderous tongue,

from lips that fabricate lies.

In the face of my adversaries

you have been my helper and delivered me,

in the greatness of your mercy and of your name,

from grinding teeth about to devour me,

from the hand of those seeking my life,

from the many troubles I endured,

4 from choking fire on every side,

and from the midst of fire that I had not kindled,

5 from the deep belly of Hades,

from an unclean tongue and lying words—

6 the slander of an unrighteous tongue to the king.

My soul drew near to death,

and my life was on the brink of Hades below.

7 They surrounded me on every side,

and there was no one to help me;

I looked for human assistance,

and there was none.

8 Then I remembered your mercy, O Lord,

and your kindnessa from of old,

for you rescue those who wait for you

and save them from the hand of their enemies.

9 And I sent up my prayer from the earth,

and begged for rescue from death.

10 I cried out, “Lord, you are my Father;b

do not forsake me in the days of trouble,

when there is no help against the proud.

11 I will praise your name continually,

and will sing hymns of thanksgiving.”

My prayer was heard,

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